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8 Best Sewing Chairs In 2023 with Buyer’s Guide

The chair in your sewing setup is something that gets ignored quite often. People tend to rely on just any chair available in the household, from the dining chair to the side chair. And I admit it I have been guilty too, especially in my early sewing days. However, with time we realize that is not the best option.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find chairs that are made specifically for sewing activities. Therefore, you need to be vigilant when you go on your search for the one which would meet your preferences. Sewing requires hours of sitting and you want a chair that would enhance your sewing experience.

We have done our part and now present some of the best sewing chairs you can find. Now, we will go over each of these, why they make the list, and if there are any downsides to them that you need to be aware of. We will also go through the process we followed when selecting these chairs in our buying guide.

So, let’s get started.

Comparing 8 Best Sewing Chairs

ChairArmrestMax Seat Height (inch)
Arrow 7000BNo20
Lorell 80010 MultitaskNo32
Arrow H7013BNo22
Hbada Home ComfortYes21.2
Modway VeerYes29.5
SewErgo 200SENo21
Amazon basicYes20
MOLENTS Small DeskNo20

Arrow 7000B Wood Sewing and Craft Chair

Arrow Sewing produces a variety of sewing accessories including sewing cabinets and sewing chairs. In chairs, we see a range of hydraulic and wooden sewing chairs from them.

To start this list, we have gone with Arrow 7000B which is a solid contender for THE BEST sewing machine chair. Although it comes at a high price of more than $250, it has features to show for, and durability that makes it a solid investment.

The first thing to notice about this chair is its beautiful printed fabric which goes over the seat cushion and its lumbar support. The wood chairs from Arrow come in a myriad of colors and ship out in a single box.

They do require some level of assembly, but that is not too complex and anybody can do it. You basically get four castors and that comes in the discrete storage space that this chair has. So, you need to put the castors in the legs and you need to tighten up the back support and that’s it as far as the assembly goes.

The seat of this chair sits at 20 inches high which goes well with standard sewing tables with a height of around 28 to 30 inches. Moreover, this chair should serve anybody well with a height over 5 feet. The seat is well-padded and comfortable. The lumbar support, although not adjustable, perfectly supports your lower back. The width of the seat is 18 inches, so do keep this figure in mind before making the purchase and check if it would easily slide under your table.

In summary, this sewing chair with storage from Arrow Sewing is a good investment with an ergonomic design and solid construction. Its beautiful printed fabric goes well with sewing and is pleasing to the eye. The assembly is straightforward and you only need to put the castors in and tighten the backrest. Although this chair ticks a lot of boxes, one can say that the price is a bit on the higher side.

  • Solid wooden construction
  • Ergonomic design where backrest perfectly hits the lower back
  • Well-padded cushion and backrest
  • Provides ease of movement with its casters
  • Good weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Price is on the higher side
  • The backrest and seat are not adjustable

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Lorell 80010 Multitask Chair

If you have a slightly higher sewing table, the next sewing chair on our list should serve you perfectly. Lorell 80010 sits at 22 inches at its lowest point and goes as high as 32. Thus, it can accommodate any sewing tables which are 30 inches or above. Anything lower than that can cramp you up.

However, at this height people under 6 feet can’t get their feet to the ground. Nonetheless, there is an adjustable solid footrest ring that comes in handy.

The stand-out feature about this chair has to be its solid construction. Its seat, back, and wheelbase are made from solid injection molded plastic which enhances strength and gives it durability. The chair has a solid and quite durable metal mainframe. This solid construction makes this chair a bit heavy at 29 pounds, but who needs to carry it when it has solid wheels to roll.

You will love its well-padded seat that is thick at around 3 inches. The corners are the thickest and it dips in a bit in the center to provide that extra conformity to your buttocks. The back is of the same thickness. Both the seat and back feel firm and have a springy feel to them.

The wheels are easy to roll and this chair can perform a 360-degree swivel. However, I would have loved the wheels to come with a locking mechanism, but you can get bell glides to make them stationary.

A lot to like about this chair. solid construction, adjustable back height, and seat position with solid footring and well-padded seat and back. However, it is a bit high for standard sewing tables even at the lowest height and its assembly can be a bit tricky for some people.

  • Solid injection molded plastic and metal construction
  • Adjustable foot ring, back height, and seat position
  • The seat is thick and comfortable
  • Wide seat which is great for large persons
  • Efficient wheels
  • A bit high for standard sewing tables

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Arrow H7013B Hydraulic Sewing and Craft Chair

Now we have one from the other half of sewing chairs from Arrow Sewing, their hydraulic chairs. This range is pretty similar to their wooden chairs but comes with the ability to adjust its height. The seat goes from 18 inches to 22 inches, so it can serve a variety of sewing tables and people of different heights.

Same as our first entry on this list, these chairs come with beautiful printed fabric on the seat and back support. They come in different colors and different patterns. My personal favorite is the one with sewing notions. You can also get the one with buttons, one with cats, and others come with solid colors to choose from. This gives you the option of going with the one which would match your craft room.

One thing I personally like about this chair is the fact that it is not too big nor too small. Its seat is 18 inches wide, so it is small and does not require much space. However, at the same time, it is big enough to provide the comfort needed for hours of sewing. That said, this chair may not be great for heavy people and its weight limit is 250 pounds.

The castors are heavy-duty and roll easily, even on carpet. The hydraulic is smooth and works efficiently. The assembly is easy and straightforward. Plus, you get the discrete storage compartment which is of good size and you can store a few of your sewing notions there.

Overall, this adjustable sewing chair from Arrowing Sewing has a lot of strong points. It is adjustable, is durable, has seat and back support, and well-padded to be comfortable. The assembly is straightforward and its discrete storage comes in handy. All things considered, this chair is a good investment but comes at a higher price but is not the best choice if you are on the heavier side.

  • Adjustable hydraulic chair, height from 18 inches to 22 inches
  • Solid wooden construction
  • Beautiful printed fabric on seat and back support
  • Discrete storage space and straightforward assembly
  • Easy to roll with its castors
  • Price is on the higher side

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Hbada Home Comfort Chair

Comfort Chair with Flip-up Arms
Hbada Office Task Desk Chair Swivel Home Comfort Chairs with Flip-up Arms and Adjustable Height, Black

Next up we have a chair that is not specifically made for sewing but who cares as long as it serves the purpose. This chair has a mid-range price and has a nice contemporary feel to it with a beautiful design.

Moreover, it is an adjustable hydraulic chair and its height goes from 16 inches to 19¾ inches which would serve most sewing tables. It comes with a weight capacity of 250 pounds, but because of the nylon base and small frame, I would say don’t test it above 200 pounds.

The most talked-about feature of this chair is its pop-up arms. In this, you can flip its armrests up to 90 degrees and place them back when you need them. However, even at their maximum height, they sit at around 27 inches, so can slide under most sewing tables if you like to do that.

This chair has a mesh backrest which is great for ventilation and if you work in hotter environments. The backrest does have the ability to tilt up to 30 degrees and it is not adjustable. However, there is a tilt tension knob by which you can adjust the force required to rock it.

You will love that its seat is well-padded and has a nice bounciness to it. So, it is fairly comfortable. However, it lacks a pronounced waterfall edge, which can lead to pressure building up in thighs if you sit for long periods of time. But, if you can counter that by lowering its height.

On the downside, this chair is not the most durable chair out there with its plastic construction. It does not look too plasticky, but certainly is not suitable for people over 200 pounds.

Overall, this sewing chair with wheels is good enough which would serve people of average weight and height and most sewing tables. The seat is comfortable and the backrest provides good lumbar support. Considering its features and prices, this chair provides good value for money.

  • Contemporary and ergonomic design
  • Adjustable height would serve most sewing tables
  • Well-padded seat and supportive backrest
  • Efficient wheels are easy roll on hardwood and carpeted floor
  • Pop-up arms are handy
  • Assembly is time-taking
  • Not great for heavier individuals

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Modway Veer Task Chair

Modway Veer is a multipurpose chair that offers contemporary design and a decent level of customization. Users also get to pick from four different colors. Our personal favorite is plain black as it looks modern and elegant that fits in all sorts of interiors.

The chair features a mesh-covered foam seat and a breathable mesh back which maintains an inflow of air to keep users cool even during summers. The padded seat has a waterfall design to keep your feet on the ground and get the circulation moving in the legs. Thanks to this ergonomic design, you would not feel numb leaving the chair even after hours-long seating sessions.

Best part? The chair not only allows height adjustment but also back and forth customization. It includes a tall pneumatic gas cylinder that enables these customizations. Users can reach the tilt lock and tension knob easily while seated which lets you lock the chair in place.

Chrome-plated foot rings are also available to rest the legs while sitting. Users who are short would find it delightful but I’m afraid the same cannot be said about tall people. Even in the highest seating position, people near 6 feet would have to cramp their legs to access the footrests. Hence, such users would have to keep their legs grounded which fortunately is not a problem thanks to waterfall design.

The armrest of the chair is adjustable as well and can even be flipped 90 degrees when it produces restriction in movement.

Furthermore, it offers sturdy construction which is built to last. Although plastic is used in construction, it is not cheap by any means. The chair stands on five wheels which not only offers mobility but imparts stability as well.

All in all, it is a brilliant chair that is good for people of different heights. Tall people can sit high and rest their legs on the ground while short people can access the foot ring to keep themselves comfortable.

  • Stable and mobile stands
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Durable construction
  • Customizable design
  • Ergonomic waterfall seat
  • Foot ring is not accessible by tall people
  • No lumbar support

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Reliable SewErgo 200SE

SewErgo is an armless chair that offers a simple design that is comfortable and adjustable. The seat and backrest of the chair are foam-based that features protective cloth covered for added comfort and durability. Cushions used in the chairs are contoured that ensure comfort for a variety of users.

Largely plastic is used in construction but some metallic bits are available as well. The overall design is sturdy and can withstand accidental falls and abuse users may throw towards it. The hinge supporting backrest seems fragile but that is not the case. It can support the individual weighing about 250 pounds which are good enough for most users.

The seat of the chair features a waterfall design which is ergonomic for both short and tall people. It maintains the circulation in the legs so the users do not feel numb after long seating sessions. You can have long sewing sessions without feeling tickling sensations in the legs.

In terms of customizability, the chair has plenty to offer. The height of the chair can be adjusted via a lever that can be accessed while sitting. Back angle adjustment is also available so the users can position it correctly as per their posture.

Bell glides support the chair which keeps the users stable while sitting and makes it easy to maneuver while not in use. It does limit mobility while sitting but some users would appreciate the stability it offers at the expense of that.

Overall, it is an excellent chair for sewing with a stable and customizable design. It is simple but a comfortable chair that would make your sewing more productive by preventing straining and pain in the back.

  • Waterfall seat design
  • Adjustable height and backrest
  • Contoured seat
  • Positions can be locked
  • Stable structure
  • Limited mobility
  • Lacks lumbar support

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Amazon Basic Low-Back, Upholstered Mesh

Best Budget Sewing Chair
Amazon Basics Low-Back, Upholstered Mesh, Adjustable, Swivel Computer Office Desk Chair, Black

Amazon Basic is the perfect pick for users looking to make their sewing session comfortable without breaking the bank. The chair comes in four exotic colors but black is surely the show-stealer. The simple black plain design perfectly fits in with all sorts of home decorations and pleases the eyes.

This chair has meshed seat and back support which maintains inflow of air and keeps the users cool even in scorching summers. It can support up to 275 pounds which would work even for a bit overweight individual.

Plastic is the standard construction material in this price bracket but what sets this apart is BIFMA certification. It is a third-party organization that certifies commercial furniture by accounting for the sustainability and durability of the product.

The height of the chair can be adjusted via a lever beneath the seat which is easily accessible. Backrest, on the other hand, cannot be customized but it is no surprise in this price bracket. Furthermore, thanks to five wheels, the chair is mobile and can be used to access different compartments without having to leave the chair. 360-degree swivel adds further into convenience.

Overall, the Amazon Basic is an excellent chair for people who sew occasionally and do not want to spend a chunk of money on a chair. The basic chair gets the job done without breaking the bank. It offers comfort, mobility and adjustability at a price that most people would find affordable. The versatility of the chair is an added bonus.

  • Breathable mesh on seat and backrest
  • Sturdy structure certified by BIFMA
  • Available in multiple colors
  • 360-degree swivel seat
  • Affordable price tag
  • Backrest is not adjustable
  • Backrest is too lifted

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MOLENTS Small Desk Chair

Small Chair with Mesh Lumbar Support
Armless Task Office Chair,MOLENTS Small Desk Chair with Mesh Lumbar Support,Ergonomic Computer Chair No Arms,Adjustable Swivel Home Office Chair for Small Spaces,Easy Assembly,Mid Back,No Armrest

MOLENTS has designed this chair for users that are running short on space in their sewing area. This armless chair is compact and lightweight and does not occupy much space in the sewing area. It features a padded seat and a mesh backrest providing good lumbar support.

The transparent material on the back keeps the air moving and keeps the users cool during long sessions. The back has a Y-shaped structure that provides better lumbar support to keep you going and increase productivity.

The construction is a blend of plastic and metal to ensure the stability and durability of the structure. It is also certified by SSG which adds more credibility to the design. The chair comes with a weight capacity of 250 pounds which is at par with most chairs out there.

We would have liked waterfall design better but the simple straight design is not too bad either. The cushioned seat keeps the users comfortable and allows them to ground their feet. Plus, the seat is wider which is great for bulkier people.

MOLENTS has used mute nylon casters in the base which absorb shocks and also resist the slippage. Hence, you would not only have the freedom to move but also the stability while stitching the fabric.

  • Nylon caster for silent and smooth-gliding
  • Mesh back to ensure airflow
  • 360 degrees swivel for added convenience in movement
  • Durable structure
  • Solid lumbar support
  • Easy installation
  • Lacks waterfall design

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Buyers’ Guide For Picking The Best Chair for Sewing

Singling out the best sewing chair is a challenging task as everyone has different preferences. While some buyers look for portability others try to enhance comfort. No single chair can check all the boxes. Hence, it is important to set the priorities straight and look for chairs accordingly. This section will enlist the features that a potential buyer should consider before picking up a sewing chair.


Size of the chair is just as important as its comfort. Not many people have the luxury to accommodate large chairs in their sewing areas. Getting a large chair in a congested area would only produce nuisance and disturb your operations. Hence, while picking up the chair take into account the area of sewing space and select the chair accordingly.

Fortunately, the market offers a plethora of portable chairs that you can fold and tuck under a sewing table after use. That said, the portability should not compromise comfort as it is the reason you are looking for a sewing chair in the first place.


The material used in chairs determines not just durability but also its comfort and price. Sewing chairs come in a range of materials. These include mesh, fabric, and faux leather. Each of these materials has its own set of benefits and downsides.

Mesh is the most affordable and breathable material. It provides great ventilation and keeps you cool in hot climates. The fabric also boasts the same characteristics but the added benefit is it comes in multiple styles, colors, and patterns. Buyers can pick from a range of designs to make the chair fit in with their room’s interior.

Downside? Mesh and fabric are difficult to clean and the latter also holds on to bits of threads and trimmings. A decent lint roller can make things easier but it is still more difficult than other materials like leather and faux leather.

Faux leather and leather are premium materials that offer luxury looks but are not as breathable as mesh and fabric. It also gets quite warm during prolonged seating sessions which are not ideal for sewing chairs. Hence, it is not recommended unless someone is particularly looking for a fancy design and is willing to compromise on comfort.

Padded cushions on either of these materials are a bonus but you would generally not see them on mesh chairs. Such chairs already have an ergonomic shape that does not require cushions for comfort.

Most users would find fabric and mesh chairs a better fit because of their affordable price tags and comfortable seating area. Some may rate aesthetics higher and opt for leather ones. Therefore, personal preferences and the budget one can spare for a sewing chair determine the chair they go with.

Types of Sewing Chairs

Sewing chairs is a niche market that is unreasonably expensive and does not offer much value. Hence, most sewers opt for a task and office chairs as they are easy to find and have reasonable price tags. Task chairs are versatile and can serve a range of purposes. Such chairs usually offer a backrest and have lightweight. This makes them easy to store and transport. Quality task chairs keep the spine in an upright position without restricting the movement of the sitting individual.

Office chairs also have similar attributes but are a little bulky than task chairs which makes them a bit difficult to move around. Foldable chairs, stools, and ball chairs are other options but they are not as comfortable as task chairs.

Stools can be best fit for people that have limited space but they do not have a backrest which can be uncomfortable during long sessions. Foldable chairs can also work for people with limited space but again they are not very ergonomic which makes them unsuitable for long sewing sessions.

Personal preferences come into play in the selection of type as well but the ergonomic design should be your top priority. An ergonomic design offers basic lumbar support to keep you comfortable while sewing. It promotes good posture that prevents stiffness and backaches.


Different designs require varying seating positions which can be achieved only if the chair is adjustable. The market offers a range of chairs that have varying levels of adjustability. You can add or remove backrests, headrests, and armrests on some of them. While others only allow adjustability in height.

If the budget allows one should pick a chair that offers the highest level of customizability but the adjustability of height should be the bare minimum. Chairs that offer adjustable heights can be lowered or raised with a lever that enables users to align themselves with the workspace. It lets the users rest their hands on the table without straining their shoulders.

Adjustable backrests, headrests, and armrests are a plus as users can further customize chairs as per their preferences. Removable armrests are the ideal as they can be attached or removed based on restrictions they offer on different designs.


Sewing involves a ton of accessories and not everything can be placed at arm’s length. Hence, the chairs should be easy to move in the room so users can pick up the required stuff without having to leave the chair. Sewing chairs with 360-degree swivel and rolling caster wheels offer maximum mobility as they provide freedom to move around.

The weight of chairs also impacts mobility and should be considered as well. A bulky chair that is heavily padded would be more difficult to move than a simple mesh design. Lightweight chairs, on the other hand, provide flexibility and make it easier to handle large, cumbersome fabrics and heavier objects.


Specialized sewing chairs have dedicated compartments for the storage of accessories required for sewing. But most users would find price tags of such chairs unaffordable. These compartments certainly offer added convenience but are not worth the amount companies charge in most cases. Hence, we recommend to avoid such gimmicks and get a box of compartments that can be positioned next to sewing machines. It would reciprocate the same level of convenience without burdening the pocket.


Sewing sessions can last hours and without a comfortable chair, it can put a huge amount of stress on our bodies. It can lead to medical problems ranging from mild backache to serious conditions like sciatica pain. Hence, getting a comfortable chair should not be a choice but a necessity for the sewer. We have enlisted some of the best sewing chairs that are available in the market. Things one should consider before getting a sewing chair are also mentioned. We hope it helped. Thank you!

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