About Sew Ways

Sew Ways was created by Sewing Enthusiast that includes Professional Seamstress, Quilter & seasoned publisher who is qualified to manage top-notch editorial teams for the sewing-related website. All content on our website has been written by sewing professionals so you can be sure you are getting highly relevant and problem-solving solutions from the site. 

Sewways team

Our main objective of this site is to help the sewing zealots like yourself reading this stay updated on the best and latest information about different sewing tools including sewing machines, sewing accessories with detailed buying guides along with our easy to understand sewing guides which can help you learn different sewing tips & techniques to apply on your DIY projects. 

For this project, we wanted to try and put together the content related to different sewing problems along with sewing guides that we could never find online. All the content we publish on this site has been written by qualified seamstresses. 

Every Content page on the website goes through 4 different stages which are: 

  • Product Culling: In this step, we find and select different sewing products available in the market or have been used by us or the team in a professional/ home based environment. 
  • Verification: We make sure to comprehensively evaluate every product through the manufacturer’s claims in the real-life DIY/ professional projects to see whether it will help the readers of this blog make an informed decision. 
  • Drafting: After the team of professionals have completed the thorough examination of the product, a draft report gets created for the approval of the editorial team at Sew Ways and decides what type of content genre is required to review a certain product. Different content genres can be long, tutorials based, comparative and distinctive narration to make sure the content provided is readable in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner.
  • Publish: The last step is to publish the content and share it on all of our social media channels along with a push notification to the subscribers of Sew Ways via our Google & Windows-based apps. 

What to do now?

If you are here and reading this, It means you are one of the Sewing Enthusiasts who is looking to improve your sewing skills and select the best products according to your needs for your DIY/Professional endeavors. 

The good news is, we have prepared everything to help you achieve that so from here you can either:

Read our Sewing Machine Reviews to help you understand which machine works for what type of projects and to make an informed buying decision.

Read our Sewing Guides to elp you understand basic to advanced sewing concepts as well as learning different sewing tips & techniques to improve your sewing game on a next level!

We hope you enjoy the content we worked so hard to put together, and if you have any suggestions to make this site better, we’d love to hear them!

The Sew Ways Team