Janome HD3000 Review - Should You Buy It

Janome HD3000 Review – Should You Buy It?

Deciding whether or not you should buy a sewing machine just by looking at the ratings and customer reviews of the product can be unsatisfactory. Whether you are up to start a new small business or just passionately pursuing a hobby, getting a good quality sewing machine is the first and most crucial step, of course. The selection gets even trickier and more difficult if you are looking for a heavy-duty sewing machine. Dealing with heavy fabrics is not something that every sewing machine does effectively. And there is no point in getting one if it fails for the one purpose you are investing for.

If you are considering the Janome HD3000 sewing machine but are unable to reach a decision looking at the price, this article will aid you in that. This Janome HD3000 review elaborates the distinctive features of the Sewing Machine, weighing the positive and negative aspects of the unit. After that, it is decided if you should buy it or not. Keep reading and go through the article to make the right decision.

Janome HD3000 Review

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One of the most notable features of the Janome HD3000 is the 18 built-in stitches, which gives you not infinite but still enough generosity to reinforce the creative ideas into your stitching. Most heavy-duty machines you will find do not offer a variety this wide, having much lesser stitches, mostly around 10.

It’s easy to choose from this range of decorative and simple stitches with the flip-up panel at the top of the machine that has all the options mentioned on it. Selecting and changing between the stitch designs is also made convenient with the easy-to-control dial. This isn’t all about the stitching benefits; Janome HD3000 also allows you to adjust the length and width of the selected stitch type. So, you get to select and make the adjustments as per the particular task you are dealing with at the time. The stitch quality is great, fine, and durable.

Foot Pressure Adjustment

The foot pressure is adjustable so that you can adjust the pressure on the foot according to the type and requirements of the fabric. This feature renders this sewing machine versatile, allowing it to work on a variety of fabrics. Different types of fabrics, from chiffon to denim, require a different amount of pressure to hold them on.

Too much or less pressure will cause the fabric to wrinkle or create a mess of tangled threads. There is no such risk when the foot pressure is adjustable, although it requires some practice to exert the right amount of force you choose it as per the needs of the fabric. So, there is no limitation to working with thicker or thinner fabrics in this particular regard.

Free Arm

Janome HD3000 sewing machine comes equipped with a free arm as well, another feature that enhances and facilitates the sewing experience. Free arm provides ease while working on the areas like arms, hems, and circular areas that are otherwise hard to move around. Without the free arm, chances are you might end up sewing up sleeves together if you are not too careful.

That happens because you have to cluster the fabric together while sewing such parts, not enough necessary space to adjust and work the fabric effortlessly. With the free arm, you can move the fabric onto that, moving the fabric as per your convenience, eliminating any chances of accidental stitches. On the Janome HD3000, the free arm is beneath the storage section, easily accessible and convenient.

Automatic Needle Threader

This is the most rarely found feature in sewing machines but an important one nonetheless. The built-in automatic needle threader saves you effort and time. Most importantly, it spares you the frustration of straining your eyes out while trying to pass the thread through the eye of the needle. This facility allows you to get to the task right away without wasting so much time.

The Sewing Machine comes with a lever that will do the job for you when you wrap the thread around it. This is an incredible relief for those who have a hard time doing that themselves, rendering the sewing experience with Janome HD3000 heavy-duty mechanical sewing machine further easier.

Bobbin System

Continuing talking about the convenience factors this Janome Sewing Machine offers; it has an automatic bobbin winding system. This again spares you the time and effort of winding the thread around the bobbin yourself, getting the task done for you. The bobbin system is also jam-proof. You don’t have to worry about the thread getting messy and tangled around the bobbin; the machine keeps working on smoothly.

Also, there is a plastic plate placed around the bobbin. This transparent plastic plate helps in keeping the amount and condition of the thread in your view. So you always know how much thread you are left with.


The Janome HD3000 heavy-duty sewing machine weighs 18.7 pounds (8.5 kgs); the weight is not too light but fairly so for a heavy-duty sewing machine. The moderate weight makes the machine stable while tackling heavy and multiple layered fabrics efficiently. The construction is of aluminum, robust and durable.

For the weight to be more light, plastic would have been added, and that would have costed the Machine its durability, so it is not something to complain about, really. Besides, it’s definitely not like you have to sweat dragging it around to move from one place to another. As for the storage, the Sewing Machine is pretty easy to be stored in confined spaces. With the dimensions of 40.6 x 18.3 x 28.7 (w x l x h), the unit has a compact shape and design.

thumbs up regular


  • Durable and stable
  • Easy to use
  • It comes with a strong motor
  • Quality performance
  • Many features
  • Compact
  • Fast sewing speed
  • Versatile=can deal with a wide range of fabrics
thumbs down regular


  • Not ideally lightweight
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • The lighting system is not high quality
  • The worktable is not so wide

Adjustable Pressure on the Presser Foot

The presser foot in the Janome HD3000 comes with adjustable pressure allowing you to adjust the pressure according to the requirements of different types of fabrics. Not all fabrics need the same degree of pressure; sewing thinner fabrics require more pressure than thicker ones. Having the option of variable pressure gives the best results while working on different types of fabrics.

The Janome HD3000 walking foot ensures the right and quality stitching of the thin fabrics like satin and silk. Fabrics like these are susceptible to damage easily by the use of pins over them. This is when the walking foot comes in handy, it eliminates the need to hold slippery fabrics down by using pins. With the walking foot, fabrics like silk and chiffon move evenly without being stretched, keeping the sewing controlled and unaffected.

Working on Leather

The quality of the Janome HD3000 leather stitching is just as impressive as it is with the other thick fabrics. The heavy-duty mechanical machine is equipped with the necessary features that make it perfectly capable of working on multiple layers of leather. It has an extra high foot lift, so you lift the foot extra high compared to most sewing machines. With this, the machine is capable of going through a number of layers of leather.

Besides that, there is also adjustable pressure of the presser foot, so you can adjust the pressure to the degree required to work stitch leather. The ultra glide foot, which is made from a particular type of resin that works smoothly with materials like leather without them sticking to it like they do with regular metal feet. Plus, the Machine comes with two packs of leather needles. The strong and sturdy construction makes the Janome HD3000 a beast when it comes to dealing with leather, giving quality and long-lasting seams.

Final Verdict – Should You Buy it?

There is no doubt that the Janome HD3000 delivers satisfactory and quality results. It is easy to use and offers a professional quality of work, making it a great option for beginners as well as professionals. Thus, if you are looking for a one-word answer to whether or not you should buy the Sewing Machine, that has to be yes. That is if you are willing to pay for what it is rightfully worth since there is no denying that it is a slightly expensive option. Though, one of the best available on the marketplace right now.

The range of stitches is not too wide, but it contains all the options of plain and decorative stitches that are commonly and frequently used. As for the aesthetics, the square edges and boxy look might look old-fashioned in a modern-looking room, but that is a drawback only if you consider it. Efficiently able to deal with heavy-duty and complex sewing tasks, the Janome HD3000 is a winner, absolutely!

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    1. I’m sorry to hear you are having that problem, Cheryl. I haven’t experienced that behavior myself, I don’t know how much you’ve used the machine, and I can’t find documentation of that being a possible problem. So here’s what I think:

      • The machine may need service. Something may be jammed inside or need lubrication.
      • There is a speed control on the side of the machine that overrides the pedal. Could you have accidentally hit that speed control?

      I’m sorry I can’t find more to help you. If you fix the problem, would you please let us know how?
      Thanks, and good luck!

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