30 Different Type of Skirts in Fashion for 2021

30 Different Types of Skirts in Fashion for [2022]

Different types of skirts can give off different impressions. Some skirts are short and show a lot of leg, some skirt styles are loose-fitting and airy, and others showcase feminine features with gathers or ruffles.  Different kinds of skirts can be worn for different occasions as well; schoolgirls might wear plaid skirts to school, while office workers may want to go with pencil skirts. Regardless of the skirt type you choose, it’s important to know how they work before purchasing one that doesn’t fit your style needs!

30 Types of Skirts

Skirts come in different lengths, shapes, and colors which all have their own function to them. Some skirt styles are made for practical purposes, while others are meant to be more decorative or formal wear. Skirts can make a woman look taller or shorter depending on the style they choose. They can also help with temperature control by giving women an extra layer of clothing closer to the body that helps keep them warm during colder months and cool during hotter ones. There is no “right” skirt type for every woman because what works best depends on personal preferences as well as lifestyle choices such as occupation and location. The skirt type you choose will depend on your needs, tastes, personality. Here are the 30 types of skirts that are still in fashion and can make you look classy. 

A-Line Skirt

A-Line skirt is a skirt with a straight, ungathered line from the waist to the bottom hem. They typically end above or below the knee and mid-calf length.

High Waist A-Line Pockets Skirt
Women's High Waisted Skirt with Belt Pleated A Line Midi Skirt Navy Blue Skirt S

A-line skirts are a common item in a woman’s wardrobe; they can be romantic and feminine, yet still very modern and stylish because of its simplicity. Many women like to wear long skirts (midi and maxi) that have been tailored from an A-line pattern so that it has enough fabric in front to cover her legs while she walks but ends just at or below her knees.

Fitted Pencil Skirt (Tube Skirts)

Fitted skirts are long enough to cover the wearer’s legs, and they cling tightly to the hips before flaring towards the bottom.

Office Pencil Skirt
Womens Premium Nylon Ponte Stretch Office Pencil Skirt Made Below Knee KSK45002 1073T Black 1X

Tube skirts may be worn in any number of styles, though generally they fall straight down past the knees or just below it. There is no zipper or fastening at all; tube dresses typically consist only of two rectangles sewn together with alternating patterns along one edge so that half-columns can be unbuttoned when sitting for increased comfort.

Gathered Skirt / Full Skirt

A gathered skirt is a type of skirt that hangs from the waist and is gathered or pleated so as to have a more fitted look. It may also have a drawstring waistband which is often pulled in at the back for an even more snug fit.

High Waist Gathered Midi Skirt
LAmade Women's High Waist Gathered Midi Skirt

In most cases, these skirts do not go past mid-calf length because they would otherwise appear too bulky and awkward on someone with a long torso.

Mini Skirt

Embroidered Bodycon Mini Skirt
SheIn Women's Casual Floral Embroidered Bodycon Short Mini Skirt Black L

A mini skirt is a type of dress that usually goes down to just above or below the knee. The hem can be straight or flared outwards at the bottom for extra volume. Mini skirts are more popular among younger women because they show more skin than other kinds of dresses. However, it’s important to consider whether you want your thighs and derriere on display when you’re wearing them! 

Flared Skirt

High Waist Pleated Skirt
Kate Kasin Women's Pleated Midi Skirt Summer A-line Skirt Black Size S KK659-3

Flared skirts are one of the most popular fashion trends of this season! Flares can be worn as a dress, or you can wear them with leggings and boots. Flares come in all lengths and colors- from mini to maxi. Flared skirts make your legs look longer and leaner. Some people even find flared skirts more comfortable than other types of skirts because they don’t have to worry about their thighs rubbing together while sitting down. 

Draped Skirt

High Waist Maxi Draped Skirt
SheIn Women's Casual Slit Wrap Asymmetrical Elastic High Waist Maxi Draped Skirt Black Small

Draped skirts are a chic and timeless fashion choice. Draped skirts can be worn in many different ways to achieve the desired look, such as draped over one shoulder for a casual daytime style or wrapped around your hips with a belt for an evening out. Draped skirts offer versatility that helps you stay stylish and comfortable no matter what your day has in store. Drape this skirt over jeans and sneakers for the perfect weekend outfit, or dress it up with heels and a blouse when you’re going out on the town. Draped Skirts come in many lengths from mini to maxi so there is one available to suit everyone’s taste! 

Layered Skirt

Layering skirts is a technique that has been around for centuries and it’s not going away anytime soon. Layering skirts is the idea of wearing two or more different types of skirts on top of each other, one shorter than the other so they create depth and texture.

Women's Boho Elastic
Floerns Women's Boho Elastic Waisted Ruffle A Line Beach Long Maxi Skirt A Army Green M

It can be done with any type of skirt from pencil, A-line, circle, etc., but usually, it’s best when you have one skirt that is below knee length and another that reaches just above your knee. This creates a layered look without being too short or too long.

Circle Skirt

Women's Casual Stretchy Flared
EXCHIC Women's Casual Stretchy Flared Mini Skater Skirt Basic A-Line Pleated Midi Skirt (S, Black)

It’s a skirt that is shaped like a circle, or more specifically an ellipse. It can be made of any material and worn in a variety of styles. Circle skirts are most commonly seen with straight hems, but also come with various lengths such as short, knee-length or floor-sweeping length. Circle Skirts are usually flared from the waist down to give them volume at the bottom hemline which helps keep them from being too tight around the hips or groin area for those who prefer wearing clothes that fit looser on these areas of their body.

Gored Skirt

Womens 8-Gore Denim
Womens 8-Gore Denim Riding Maxi Skirt - Dark Blue - 31.5

Gored skirts are a type of skirt that has more than one panel. Gores, or panels, can be either side-gores (wider at the top and narrower at the bottom) or front gores (wider in the front and narrower in the back). They usually have two to four panels. Gored skirts form a bell shape around your waist when worn without an underskirt. A denim gored skirt is made from denim fabric with belt loops on either side of center zipper closure. It flares out both in front and back.

Godet Skirt

Silk Charmeuse Godet Full Skirt
Eileen Fisher Womens Godet Silk Midi Skirt Green 10

A godet skirt is a type of woman’s skirt constructed from two panels, one in front and one in back. The panel at the back flares outwards to create an exaggerated A-line shape. This design makes the wearer appear taller and slimmer than she actually is. The godet skirt is often paired with a ruffled blouse, making it an ideal piece for casual or formal occasions. It can also be worn with T-shirts, strapless dresses and sweater tops depending on the season.

Trumpet Skirt

Black Midi Trumpet Skirt
Women's High Waist Fitted Black Midi Trumpet Skirt

A Trumpet skirt is an A-line skirt that gets wider at the bottom. It’s typically made of denim or cotton. Patterns are also available in the form of seersucker, houndstooth, and other material combinations. Today, many women wear trumpet skirts without a blouse or shirt underneath since it’s more comfortable for spring or summertime wear when paired with sandals.

Wrap Skirt

High Waist Ruffle Wrap Tie Knot
Relipop Women's Stretchy Cotton High Waist Ruffle Wrap Tie Knot Fishtail Mini Skirt (T5, Medium)

A Wrap Skirt is a skirt typically made of fabric and held in shape by the tension and bulk of the fabric itself, rather than any built-in shaping. The term can refer to any full or gathered skirt where the bands that wrap around at the front are used to create an A-line style.

Divided Skirt

Divided Cut Pants Long Maxi
Women Palazzo Divided Cut Pants Long Maxi Cotton Skirt Pant Skirt Multi

A Divided skirt is a type of skirt that is sewn so that it has two overlapping panels. These are often used by horse riders because they provide more coverage than other types of skirts. It can be made in different styles, such as flared or straight; they are often long but shorter divided skirts with hemlines above the knee also exist. 

Pleated skirt

Pleated Skater Tennis Skirt
Hoerev Women Girls Short High Waist Pleated Skater Tennis Skirt,US 4,M,Black

Pleated skirts are a type of skirt that has a pleat or gathers at the waist. They come in many different styles, colors, and patterns. One popular style is a pleated tennis skirt. Some pleats can be seen at the hemline and others may be found in the waistband. Pleated skirts are great for school uniforms- they’re classic, sleek, and comfortable. You can wear them to work or on the weekends with flats or wedges. They don’t take up too much space when you pack them for your trip too!

Asymmetrical Hem skirt

Asymmetrical Medieval Hem Skirt
TLB - Asymmetrical Medieval Hem Skirt in Denim Blue - L:30

The asymmetrical hem skirt is a type of asymmetric skirt where the bottom portion of the skirt is uneven. The type of asymmetric skirt with this detail tends to have one side that is shorter than the other in order to create a more striking look.

Bubble Skirt

Bubble Skirt Pettiskirt
TaoQi Petticoat Skirt for Girls Bubble Skirt Pettiskirt Tutu Skirt Tutu Ball Gown Fluffy Skirt Puffy Petticoat for Dance, Party, School, Evenings,Ballet Pleated Tulle Cosplay Skirt Black

A bubble skirt is a type of skirt that has a hemline that flares out from the top. They are usually made from cheap and lightweight material, such as cotton or polyester. The sewing elastic in these skirts help to stretch around the waist and hips without being too tight, allowing for easy movement while wearing it.

Balloon Skirt

Bubble Balloon Tutu Princess Skirt
The Season Essentials Kidsy Yellow Bubble Balloon Tutu Princess Skirt for 5th Birthday Toddler Girls , Marigold , 5

A balloon skirt is a type of skirt that flares out from the waist to the hem. This type of skirt may have a ruffle or braid that covers the hem. The balloon shape can be achieved by adding volume to the fabric with seams, gathers, pleats, tucks, beads, or puffed sleeves.

Yoke Skirt

Cotton Yoke Knee Skirt
Hard Tail Forever Cotton Yoke Knee Skirt Style W-378 Black S

A yoke skirt is a skirt with a yoke sewing pattern. A yoke skirt typically consists of an elastic waistband sewn to the top of the skirt, with two pieces of fabric cut at 45-degree angles to form a ‘V’ shape. The elastic waistband allows for the skirt to fit snugly around the hips without being too tight.

Tulip Skirt

Ruched Tulip Hem
Anna-Kaci Womens Short Ruched Tulip Hem Body Con Sequin Club Pencil Mini Skirt, Rose Gold, X-Small

A style of skirt that has a flared and ruffled hem, that goes by the name of “tulip” for its resemblance to the shape of a tulip. Generally, they are made out of light-weight fabrics like chiffon or organza but they can also be made of heavier materials like satin or lace. Most tulip skirts are knee-length but some extend to just below the knee while others extend to flowy layers at the floor.

Tiered Skirt

Tiered Ruffle Mini Skirt
Dokuritu Women Lovely Ruffled Floral Tiered Casual Mini Skater Skirt with Drawstring

It is a type of skirt that has multiple tiers or layers, which can be at different lengths. Tiered skirts are often made of flowing fabrics, such as chiffon or tulle, and are peddled as being flattering for various figures. Some tiered skirts have lining to keep the fabric smooth.

Godet Pleat Skirt

Godet pleat ponte knit skirt
eShakti Women's Godet pleat ponte knit skirt

The Godet Pleat Skirt is designed by utilizing the godet pleat to create plenty of room for movement, while still providing enough coverage. The skirt starts out with a wide hem that tapers into two narrower hems at the top. Whether you’re practicing yoga, rolling around on the floor with your kids, or taking a day to relax, this skirt will work perfectly for you.

Handkerchief Skirt

Flowy Handkerchief Hemline Midi Skirt
DJT Women's Flowy Handkerchief Hemline Midi Skirt X-Large Black

A handkerchief skirt is a women’s garment that has a strip of fabric sewn to the top, extending from a narrow hem to a wider hem. The skirt hangs from the waist and comes halfway down the thigh, covering the legs and thighs completely. The length of the skirt can also be adjusted by tying it at different points on the buttock due to it being elastic.

These are usually made from either linen or cotton as these fabrics are light and breezy for summer wear. In addition, cotton is breathable which helps with possible sweating. 

Gypsy Skirt

Long Bohemian Style Gypsy
Banjamath Women's Long Bohemian Style Gypsy Boho Hippie Skirt (M, Mandala Red 2)

Gypsy skirts are long skirts that have a layered look to them. Gypsy skirts are typically made from layers of tulle or netting, and sometimes include embroidery and lace. Gypsy skirts can be worn as part of your church dress to give it a romantic and flowing style. Wear it with a tank top and sandals for a bohemian look. Gypsy skirts can also be worn to give any outfit a romantic and elegant feel.

Mermaid Skirt

Metallic Hologram Shiny Mermaid Skirt
Spooktacular Creations Adult Metallic Hologram Shiny Mermaid Skirt Costume Role Play (Medium, Hologram Scale Kelly)

Mermaid skirts are skirts that mimic the shape of a mermaid’s tail. Mermaid skirts offer a fun and unique way to add some flair to your outfit. Mermaid skirts come in many colors and styles, from short to long. Mermaid skirts will always have a slit in front for walking! Mermaid skirts are very popular during summertime.

Peasant skirt

Peasant Skirt Turquoise Blue
CATALOG CLASSICS Women's Peasant Skirt - Turquoise Blue Tiered Broom Maxi Skirt

A Peasant skirt refers to a long skirt that can be worn in various styles. Peasant skirts come in various lengths and materials such as cotton, linen, and wool. They typically feature loose flowy garments with pleats or gathers that create fullness at the hem. Peasant skirts are usually made of heavier fabrics that can withstand dirt and stains which is why they work well in more rugged settings like farms and gardens.

Pegged Skirt

Pegged Skirt With Button Yoke
A. Byer Juniors Pegged Skirt With Button Yoke, Black, 5

A pegged skirt is a skirt with a narrow hem that is shorter in length at the front of the garment and longer in the back. Pegs on the waistband are used to hold it at a narrower width. There is no need for darts or seams for this garment, making it an ideal pattern for beginners, while the pleats give it a flattering look that can be dressed up or down.

Peplum Skirt

Peplum Pencil Skirt
FashionMark Womens Plus Size Wet Look Peplum Pencil Skirt Ladies Celebrity PVC Leather Skirt Black

A peplum skirt is a skirt that has an additional panel designed to fit around the waist. This panel may be either the same material or a different material than the rest of the skirt, but it is always attached to the waistband or empire waistline of the skirt. The peplum allows for a more flattering high-waist while still providing coverage in the front.

One of my favorite things about this type of skirt is its versatility. You can wear it both during the summer and winter because it’s made with lightweight fabric, but there are also other types like ones made with wool that will keep you warm during colder months.

Ruffle Skirt

High Waist Layered Ruffle Hem
SheIn Women's Solid Shirred High Waist Layered Ruffle Hem Flared Mini Skirt Solid Black X-Small

This skirt is made with an elastic waistband and ruffles. It can be made from any fabric, but it is typically made from tulle, chiffon, or lace. The elastic waistband provides comfort and can be worn throughout the day. Some skirts have a zipper in the back and others have a button and loop closure that is hidden by the ruffle.

Sarong Skirt

Sarong Pareo Womens Swimwear
Eicolorte Beach Wrap Skirt for Women Short Sarong Sheer Bikini Swimwear Cover Ups

A sarong is a large two-sided length of fabric that is wrapped around the waist and worn as a skirt or dress. The sarong skirt is typically worn in Asia and parts of Africa.

Broomstick Skirt

Reversible Broomstick Skirt
CATALOG CLASSICS Womens Reversible Broomstick Skirt - Blue Lagoon Paisley Print Reverse to Black - Large

A broomstick skirt is a women’s skirt that tapers to the hem, typically made of wool. It became popular in the early 20th century. It has a flared bottom hem and is very narrow at mid-thigh line. It can be worn under or over other clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which type of skirt is best for all body types?

Actually, every different skirt type has its benefits. A-line skirts can hide unwanted curves, pencil skirts are best for showing off your legs and the best kind of skirt to maintain an hourglass shape is a crinoline!

How many types of skirts are available in the market?

There are different kinds of skirts like the pencil skirt, the A-line skirt, and more. Different skirt types provide different looks and come in different lengths. The right skirt should hug your body rather than cling awkwardly to it or fall too loosely for your proportionate frame.

Who can wear A-line skirts?

A-line skirts suit most body shapes, although they do best on shorter women, as the skirt needs to hit at the knees for this style.

What to wear with black pencil skirt?

The best way to style a black pencil skirt is with a collared shirt. The button-up shirt can add a touch of polish, while the collar covers anything you may not be comfortable showing. Show some leg by wearing tall boots or trousers and add killer heels for a full look that will have heads turning.

Are there any skirts for plus size?

Yes there are skirts for plus size. You may want to consider skirts that are fitted at the hips and then flared out or skirts that are fuller in the back with a tight waistband.

Can you wear shoes with skirts?

Of course! It is okay to wear shoes with skirts. Wearing shoes with skirts can help you look more polished if it’s not summertime, or you can try to have a shoe without laces so that it would be easier for the shoes to stay on your feet. It all depends on what heels are comfortable for your ankles and feet. Some shoes are too heavy but other shoes are light enough that they won’t affect the skirt at all. Just think about what type of shoes match best with your skirt type and go from there!


Skirts are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. You can wear them to work, play, or anywhere in between. There are many different types of skirts- short, long, pencil skirts and more. We hope that this article has given you enough information to decide which skirts will suit your look and lifestyle needs. We tried our best to make shopping for skirts easier than ever before! 

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