Complete Guide For Sewing Machine Bobbins In 2020

Sewing Machine Bobbins – A Complete Guide For Beginners

Here in our guide of sewing machine bobbin, we’ll tell you how important this small part could be. And if you don’t know much about the sewing machines, its small part might puzzle you. Some several knobs and buttons perform different functions, but you must know about them. Similarly, the bobbin is a crucial part of the sewing machine, and here we’ll tell you the use of it. Now let’s get to know about the sewing bobbins.

What Is A Bobbin?

Bobbin has a cylinder shape, and it can be made of wood, metal, or plastic. Every sewing machine bobbin material will vary from the other machine. You can take it out and fill the thread without using the device. On the other hand, some people prefer threading the bobbin with the use of a sewing machine. And it is better not to put the thread in bobbin manually because that’s more time-taking.

What is a Bobbin


If you are wondering, what is a bobbin used for? Let us tell you that the bobbin holds the thread that you’ll be using to stitch anything. Best of all, bobbins are not fixed. Now that you know about the purpose of the bobbin have a look at the size chart.

Bobbin Shapes & Styles

So there are different sewing machine bobbin sizes. And you can easily confirm the size of bobbin by its thickness. Plus, there are several types of sewing machine bobbins, but here you will know the basic types.

Bobbins Shapes and Styles Guide

The four basic types of bobbins, below.

The L-Bobbin

It is a small bobbin with a diameter of 0.91 inches. And the length of the bobbin is 0.35 inches. This type of bobbin is ideal for smaller sewing machines.

The M-Bobbin

It is used for the larger sewing machines that can stitch the thick fabrics, including the canvas. The measurements of this sewing machine bobbin are 1d inches. Plus, its length is 0.430 inches.

66 Class Bobbins

The diameter of 66 class bobbins is the same as the L-style bobbins. But the length of this class bobbin is 0.31 inches.

Class 15 A Style Bobbins

Lastly, we have the class 15 A-style bobbins that have the most significant dimensions, and it can differ among the sewing machine brands.

How To Insert A Bobbin Case In A Singer Sewing Machine

If you don’t know how to do a bobbin, we’ll guide in simple ways here. Putting bobbin in the sewing machine is not a daunting task. And you must fill the bobbin with thread before putting the thread in the needle.

How To Insert A Bobbin Case In A Singer Sewing Machine

First of all, you need to keep the thread in the spool and then transfer it to the spool rim. By doing so, you will not hassle with the thread.

Secondly, you have to push the bobbin device to its left side. After fixing it into the accurate position, hold the thread, and firmly press the controller.

In this way, you can thread the bobbin in any sewing machine. All you need to do is to push the bobbin on the left side and eradicate it. Putting thread in bobbin is easy, but you must know the technique to do it accurately.

Plastic Bobbin Or Metal Bobbin – Types

The appearance of bobbins is quite similar, but you can touch it to know the material. Also, the structure of bobbin is durable, whether you buy plastic or metal bobbin.  Other than that, both types of bobbins have the same purpose. And you can choose any material according to your sewing machine.

Besides that, old machines usually have plastic bobbins. But this kind of bobbin will not be sturdy after some time. It will get lost after some time. And when the bobbins get loose, they won’t work smoothly. So consider buying a metal bobbin.

More than that, the new machines of several brands have plastic bobbins. And it will work efficiently with the modern designed machines. Also, you can buy an extra pair of the bobbin and wound it with thread for future use. And you can work smoothly with the new machines that have plastic bobbins.

Now, if we discuss the metal bobbins, it will last long for years. And they don’t even loosen up after some time. Also, the metal bobbin will not move when it doesn’t have the thread. The reason for more sales of the sewing machine bobbin metal is due to the weight. It is heavier than the plastic bobbins and works in a better way.

Replacing Sewing Bobbins

The process of replacing sewing bobbins is not similar for all the machines. Plus, you must know about your sewing machine for the replacement of bobbin. But if you don’t know how to replace a bobbin, we’ll tell you here.

First of all, you have to eliminate the sewing bobbin and press the right button. It will automatically pop up, and you can place another bobbin in that space.

Secondly, after removing the old bobbin, you need to rotate it in an anti-clockwise direction. In this way, you can remove the thread from the sewing machine bobbin. Do not exert much pressure while removing the bobbin.

And now the last step, you can tug the thread of bobbin manually or automatically. These easy steps will make you quickly replace the bobbin.

Where Can You Place The Bobbin Case In A Sewing Machine?

As we already discussed above that the bobbins are removable. And you can replace the bobbin if it is getting rusty or cracky. Plus, you can place the bobbin case in a machine in several areas.

But placing a bobbin case depends on the size of the machine as well as a bobbin. Also, you will have an option to load the bobbin cases in two different ways.

  • Front Bobbin Case Loading Machines

Usually, people use the front bobbin case loading. And you can see the bobbin because it would be facing towards you.

  • Side Bobbin Case Loading Machines

And the second kind of loading is the side bobbin case. It is a simple way too but not commonly used among the people. And this type of casing is not loadable with the other kinds of machines.

Besides, the significant difference between the side bobbin case loading and front case loading is the size of the hole on the machine.

Bobbins Are Interchangeable Or Universal?

No bobbins are neither interchangeable nor universal. And it is misunderstood by several people that bobbins are interchangeable. You need to have the appropriate bobbin for each of the machines. If you didn’t choose the proper bobbin, you wouldn’t be able to work smoothly. And yes, the minor difference between the size of bobbin will cause a problem with your sewing machine.

Other than that, if your sewing machine is more compatible with the plastic bobbin, then prefer using it. If you switch the plastic bobbin to the metal bobbin, the working power of the machine might reduce.

So, for running the sewing machine efficiently, use the correct type and size of the bobbin. Also, you can have a problem while stitching if the bobbin has more length then it should have.

We suggest choosing a sewing machine bobbin as per the company’s requirement. And you can read it in the manual of the sewing machine for buying the best kind of bobbin.

Tips on Bobbins Sewing Machine

  • Make sure that you do not fill the bobbin more than its size. Otherwise, the thread may detangle with the other parts of the machine.
  • And while threading the bobbin, the wound must be smooth. Never approximately fill a bobbin.
  • The quality of the bobbin should be excellent. Do not use a bobbin that has cracks on it. Also, a rusty bobbin will never work smoothly.
  • Choose the size of bobbin according to your machine size. And you can read the manual for knowing the exact size of the bobbin.
  • Always keep an extra bobbin with you. Bobbins are not expensive at all, so you can keep the bobbins filled already before stitching any fabric.
  • The thread that you will be winding on the bobbin should be thick. Choose the lightweight thread for adding in the bobbin.
  • The last tip is for preventing the knot on bobbins thread. Wind the thread properly so that there isn’t any problem while stitching.


After reading a detailed guide about the sewing machine bobbin, you can easily thread the bobbin. And there are some things that you need includes an empty bobbin, sewing machine, thread spool, and a manual of the sewing machine.

Finally, if you have wrapped the thread on the bobbin in a smooth manner, your stitching will be perfect. Although the twists while the upper thread of machine causes stitching.

We hope that you find our simple guide of sewing machine bobbin helpful. Thank you for reading!

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