Brother CS6000i Review – Is It Worth It

Brother CS6000i Review – Is It Worth It?

Brother is a reliable name when it comes to different designs of sewing machines. The Brother CS6000i recently caught my eye, and led me to the question, if the Brother CS6000i is worth it? The only way to know whether this model is worth it without using it is by reading a couple of Brother CS6000i reviews.

This sewing machine has many notable features no doubt, but there are also a couple of shortcomings, which you will only be aware of once you read the details that I have shared in this review. After discussing with multiple seamstresses about their review and testing the model myself, I have finalized my opinion on this sewing machine and shared it in this article.

Brother CS6000i Review

Brother is one of the most prestigious and reliable names when it comes to sewing machines. They know exactly what their users need in a sewing machine, and they accumulate features catering to those needs. They have outdone themselves with the Brother CS6000i. This is quite an affordable sewing machine, which despite its low cost, outperforms other models present in the market.

Highlighted Features

Built-In Stitches

The first highlighting feature of this sewing machine is the number of built-in stitches that it offers to the users. The CS6000i brother sewing machine comes laden with a total of 60 built-in stitches. This wide number of stitches contains simple stitches, decorative stitches, buttonholes, and quilting stitches.

This model is a one-in-all kind of sewing machine, as the users are getting both decorative and quilting stitches in a single model. In addition to that, the buttonhole stitches are 7 in total, and they are one-step auto-size stitches. The wide range of the Brother CS6000i stitches makes it a great fit for beginners as well as professionals.


Another great feature of this sewing machine is the type of bobbin. Brother has added a drop-in top bobbin to this sewing machine. Now, this bobbin makes the entire job really hassle-free and easy. It can be added and removed from its bobbin case very easily. Moreover, the bobbin has a jam-resistant design, so you will not face any problem with the bobbin getting jammed into the case.

In addition to that, the real comfort comes when the user of the machine is able to clearly see how much thread is left on the bobbin. This small detail makes it easier for the user to keep an eye on the bobbin while working. Moreover, the manufacturers have also added a bobbin wonder into the design of this sewing machine, so that the sewer does not have to waste time trying to wind thread over the bobbin.

Table Size

Table Size brother cs6000i machine

Another great perk that I have to add to my Brother CS6000i review is the size of the table attached to this sewing machine. This is a really great feature as the table of this sewing machine is quite wide. Due to the wide design of the table, the usage of this sewing machine is not limited to smaller projects only. It can be used for larger projects too.

In fact, the manufacturers have added an extension table into the package that the user can attach to the sewing machine to elongate the size of the table. Therefore, by the simple attachment of the detachable table, you will be able to work on larger sewing and quilting projects with this machine.

Automatic Needle Threader

Another nifty addition to the design of this sewing machine is the presence of an automatic needle threader. The addition of this specification makes it easier for users to thread their needles. Instead of spending hours trying to push the thread through the needle, simply press the button present at the front, and the machine will do the task for you. The brother CS6000i automatic needle threader makes the entire job of threading hassle-free.

Power Button

Another great feature of this sewing machine is that it gets started with just a push of a button. There is no need to attach a foot pedal to the sewing machine to keep it operating. All you need to do is press the button present at the front of the machine, and it will be turned on and off easily.

Reverse Stitch

brother cs6000i reverse stitch

There is a button present at the front of this sewing machine that when pressed enables reverse stitch. This seems like a small detail, but the presence of the reverse stitch means a great deal to a sewer. It helps them bring more strength to their stitches, by simply adding a couple of reverse stitches. Therefore, there will be no unraveling in your design.

LED Light

Another small detail added to the design of this sewing machine that really comes in handy is the addition of an LED light. Sewers often face the nuisance of stitching in dim light, which is why Brother has added an LED light to this sewing machine. This LED light is located right above the needle, so the user of the machine can clearly see every stitch they make with the machine. This small detail really helps in staying away from mistakes and ending up with a neat project.

LCD Screen

Brother CS6000i LCD Panel

Another feature that I must state in my Brother CS6000i sewing machine review is that this sewing machine comes with an LCD screen at the top. This LCD screen clearly shows the selected stitch, and it comes with a couple of buttons on the side. The user of the sewing machine can use those side buttons to go through the options of stitches, the screen will show all the stitches so that the user can pick one that their project requires.

Stitch Size Adjustment

This feature is another one of my all-time favorite features as it really helps in bringing customization to every design that you make with this sewing machine. There is a button present at the top of the machine that allows users to tinker with the size of the stitch. Therefore, the user of this sewing machine can alter the stitch size according to their requirement.

Stitching Speed Adjustability

brother cs6000i stitching speed

This sewing machine is capable of taking a maximum of 850 stitches per minute. However, the speed can be adjusted. The stitching speed adjustability is another feature of this sewing machine that is my favorite. There is a slider present at the front of the machine right below the LCD screen. The slider has three stitching speed modes, and to shift between the three different speeds, all you have to do is slide the button. This is a feature that helps beginners get a grasp of stitching on this sewing machine.

Accessories Added In The Package

If all of these nifty features are not enough, the manufacturers at Brother have added a wide range of accessories into the package. The long list of accessories includes 10 different sewing feet, a needle set, a twin needle, a cleaning brush, a seam ripper, 3 bobbins, an extra spool pin, and a hardcover. With all these accessories already present in the package, there will be no need to purchase any accessories separately.

Main Uses of Brother 6000i Machine

Due to the versatility and the abundance of nifty features of this sewing machine, there are many uses for this model. It can be used to create beautiful embroideries by using decorative stitches, as well as it can be used to create quilting projects by using the quilting stitches it offers. As this machine still lacks a couple of advanced features, its usage is more suitable and appropriate for beginners. Any beginner who is just stepping foot into the world of sewing will love using this model, as it comes with all the required accessories.

  • Reasonable cost
  • 850 stitches per minute
  • Comes with accessories
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Wide range of built-in stitches
  • 25 years warranty
  • No thread tension control
  • Not for thicker fabrics

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Brother CS6000i Machine

Is the Brother CS6000i good for beginners?

Yes, the Brother CS6000i is really good and suitable for beginners. This sewing machine comes with an aluminum-built body, which is loaded with a wide range of built-in stitches, and a high stitching speed, and comes with accessories. Moreover, the simplistic design of this model is a major feature that makes it suitable for beginners.

Does the Brother CS6000i have a free arm?

Yes, the Brother CS6000i has a free arm. The free arm design of this sewing machine makes its usage so much easier for sewers. The sewers can simply remove the free arm attachment in order to sew different items like cuffs, collars, and sleeves.

What is the difference between CS6000i and CS7000i?

There are only a handful of minor differences between the Brother CS6000i and CS7000i. The first major difference between the Brother CS6000i vs CS7000i is that the Brother CS6000i comes with 60 stitches, while the CS7000i comes with 70 built-in stitches. Moreover, the Brother CS7000i also comes with more accessories, which explains why it costs slightly more than the Brother CS6000i.

Our Ending Thoughts

Whether you are going for the Brother CS6000i or any other model, you first need to read all the reviews and carefully check the features in order to make a wise decision. The Brother CS6000i review shared above is written from my personal experience, so I have listed all the features that stood out to me. Therefore, if you have any questions regarding the features of the machine or you want to know how to use Brother CS6000i sewing machine, give a thorough read to the article above.

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