Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine Review & Comparision Guide

Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

Here we have the brother hc1850 review, and you will know why this machine is famous and most selling worldwide. And if you are a beginner sewer, brother 1850 sewing machine will help you to stitch in a better way. Also, this machine has impressive features that are supreme professionals sewists as well.

However, the brother 1850 sewing machine is ideal for commercial and household sewing tasks. And this quilting machine can handle the thick layers of denim easily. At an affordable price, you will have the brother hc1850 computerized sewing and quilting machine that will make your work stress-free. You may be wondering why Hc1850 got an award of the best-computerized sewing machine. The reason was the smooth functioning and adjustment of hc1850 by Brother Company.

Check our in-depth brother hc1850 review below.

Detailed Review Of The Brother HC1850

The brother hc1850 computerized sewing, and quilting machine review focuses on the features as well as functionality.

Quick And Convenient To Setup

The brother hc1850 sewing machine is simple to use. And you can set up the machine in a minute. This sewing machine will provide a manual that you can follow to use it accurately. Best of all, you will have the simple instruction in a DVD that will tell you every detail about the brother hc1850 sewing machine.

You have to take the machine out of the box and plug it. This machine will turn on after you press the start button. Further, you will have bright LED lights that will make the work clearer. And you can see all the stitching and quilting details easily with the LED light.

Other than that, this hc1850 brother sewing machine has a screen. And you can change the patterns and stitches with the touch screen.

On top of that, you will have a bobbin that is easy to thread. Also, the bobbin will pop up automatically while you are starting stitching with this machine. This sewing machine has a needle threader, and it removes the hassle of threading the needle.

Brother HC1850 bobbin set up

Besides that, this sewing machine has computerized features that are easy to use. And you can import several designs on this machine. Also, you can adjust the speed of this sewing hc1850 machine easily. And the fastest speed of this sewing machine can make 850 stitches.

Many Options Of Stitching With Brother Hc1850

The price of brother hc1850 computerizing sewing and quilting machine is affordable. And it is hard to find a machine full of features with a budget-friendly price. Well, the brother company is offering the best features that you will like indeed.

This sewing machine by brother has the 185 stitches and 130 different patterns. And if you need to decorate several things of the home, then this sewing machine offers 94 decorative functions, 42 fabric stitches, 12 different types of heirloom stitching options, 14 quilt features, and eight types of buttonholes.

More than that, the brother hc1850 machine has a monograming font and 55 alphanumeric fonts. You will have all the letters to stitch from A to Z., And this sewing machine has the 0 to 9 digits. Also, you will have 7 punctuation marks. Other than that, this hc1850 sewing machine has 8 special symbols as well. No doubt, the brother hc1850 is the most selling sewing and quilting machine.

Adjusting The Brother Sewing Machine Hc1850

Adjustment is one of the most challenging tasks for a sewer, but bother hc1850 is easy to use.


Brother hc1850 allows you to adjust the settings in length.


Also, you can simply adjust the settings in width.

Brother HC1850 adjust options

Speed Adjustment

This sewing hc1850 machine has a slider that you can use to adjust the sewing settings. Also, you can make 850 stitches in one minute. The speed is high for the beginners so they can adjust as per their need and feasibility. But you cannot adjust the fonts of this sewing machine.

Brother HC1850 speed adjustment

Thread Tension

The brother hc1850 sewing machine comes with a tensioned thread, and you can adjust it just by pushing it back or forth.

Brother HC1850 Handles Several Layers Of Thicker Fabrics

The brother hc1850 sewing machine can handle the thick fabrics. You can sew denim, leather, and other thick fabrics with it conveniently. Also, this sewing machine gives you an option to choose different kinds of needles.

However, you can choose different needle if the denim is thick. Also, the needle should be appropriate, and according to the fabric that you will stitch. Plus, there shouldn’t be any interruption while you are stitching.

Brother HC1850 Is Ideal For Quilting

Do you know why the brother hc1850 sewing machine is ideal for quilting? Because it has 14 different functions to quilt easily. Also, this sewing machine by brother has a full table. And you can conveniently work on the brother hc1850 sewing machine with thicker fabrics.

Other than that, the table of this sewing machine is significant but not the largest. Also, the size of the sewing machine is ideal for household use. Plus, this sewing hc1850 machine is lightweight so that you can carry it easily.

With the help of a brother hc1850 sewing machine, you can make quilt comfortably. Also, it has a walking foot and several other accessories that you can use to work at ease.

Accessories That Will Come With Brother HC1850 Sewing Machine

There are several things that you will get with your brother Hc1850 sewing machine.

You will have a detachable cable, foot control pedal, needles, screwdriver, DVD manual, ripper, extra bobbins, a brush to clean the machine, ballpoint needle, and twin needle.

Other than that, you will have 8 different types of pressing feet with the brother 1850 sewing machine. The feet are twisted, quilt, button, blind, monograming, zipper, as well as overcasting foot.

However, the brother sewing machine comes with a quilting foot as well as a DVD manual. Some people learn the technique better through visual learning. So you can play the DVD on the laptop and learn the use this sewing machine by brother. Also, the beginners can quickly master the brother hc1850 sewing machine.

Unique Features Of The Brother Hc1850 Reviews

  • 185 built-in stitches
  • 8 styles of buttonholes that work automatically
  • A full table for working on more massive projects of 8 feet
  • DVD manual that you can see to use the machine conveniently
  • LCD screen that allows you to make the adjustments
  • LCD will view the designs and patterns clearly
  • Needle threader of new technology
  • The drop-in bobbin is at the top of the hc1850 machine
  • Affordable sewing machine
  • 185 built-in stitches
  • Adjustable speed for all users
  • Easy to master
  • Fast operation
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • LCD
  • The lightweight machine is not ideal for the heavier fabrics, but some people prefer buying it still, so it barely has any con.

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More About The Brother Hc1850 Computerized Sewing And Quilting Machine

The brother Hc1850 computerized, and the quilting sewing machine has an affordable price but the best features. Also, you will have an automatic buttonhole feature. And you can have a stitch the fabric in 8 different styles. However, you will have 14 different functions to quilt and stitch. Best of all, the brother hc1850 sewing machine has a detachable table.

More than that, you will be sewing quickly with the brother hc1850 sewing machine. It will make 850 stitches in a minute. The speed of this hc1850 machine is adjustable, and beginners can use it conveniently. Surprisingly, this affordable and portable machine has a monogramming font as well. Also, you will have a bright display of the stitches through the LED lights. And this sewing brother hc1850 machine has an automatic needle threader that will make your work quick.

Other than that, you can contact the brother company for support. And they offer an online chat option as well. You can ask any question to the brother company about your machine through their customer care services.

To Sum Up

The brother sewing machines are famous worldwide. And you will have several beneficial features in the Brother HC1850. Plus, this sewing machine will not require a lot of money. Also, you will have the remarkable features of expensive sewing machines in the Brother HC1850. Other than that, the sewing machine of brother will come with various accessories that you can conveniently use.

Moreover, the brother Hc1850 sewing machine has 185 built-in stitches. And the good news? This brother hc1850 quilting machine will stitch several layers of thick fabrics. Also, you will have the automatic needle threader with this sewing machine to make your work easier.

Finally, this brother Hc1850 sewing machine is the best option for the starters and intermediate sewers. Also, we have given the link below so you can check the price or buy it immediately. Thank you for reading.

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