Singer 7258 Review – Should You Buy It

Singer 7258 Review – Should You Buy It In 2023?

Singer 7258 essentially targets stylists who are just starting out. It is a computerized sewing machine that has received thousands of positive reviews and is a top contender for the best sewing machines. But, does this claim hold any true ground?

Moreover, this machine offers a plethora of features and boasts a solid design. This in-depth singer 7258 review will offer a comprehensive understanding of the machine and its features. So, without any delay, let’s get on with it. 

Specifications of Singer 7258 Stylist Electronic Sewing Machine

Weight14.6 lbs
Hook movementVertical
Sewing speed750
Number of stitches100
Foot pedalAvailable
Speed controlAvailable
Inbuilt lightAvailable
Sewing wheelNot available
Tension setterAvailable
Number of needle positions13
Maximum Stitch length4.8 mm
Maximum Stitch width6 mm

Singer 7258 Review – A Run-Through of Features

Sewing & Quilting Machine With Accessory Kit
SINGER | 7258 Sewing & Quilting Machine With Accessory Kit - 203 Stitch Applications - Simple & Great For Beginners

Because of its extensive features, Singer 7258 checks all the boxes you expect from a good sewing machine. Be it styling the dresses, sewing fabrics for home decoration, or even learning the basics of sewing, this machine has got every base covered. It offers simple operations hence even beginners can get a hold of it in no time. Features that make it an appealing buy include:

Durable & Compact Design

Sewing machines are a long-term investment that makes durability a must-have characteristic. Singer built the machine keeping it in perspective and employed heavy-duty metal in the outer casing. Internals are also well-built to ensure durability.

In essence, the overall design of the Singer 7258 stylist computerized sewing machine is fairly simple yet elegant and easy on the eye. The machine is durable enough to handle the usual wear and tear and accidental falls.

Despite featuring heavy-duty metal, the machine does not have a lot of weight to it. It is partly because of its compact size which also enables the users to place it in congested spaces. The compact design also makes it highly convenient to store and transport.

The package also includes plastic covers that can be used to protect it against dust when not in use.

Intuitive Control Panel

The control panel is built on the right side of the machine that contains an LCD display and navigation buttons. The display makes it easy to navigate between different settings and modes. 

The number for each stitch design is printed on the machine under the LCD panel. It also displays the stitch length and width of each design. 

The button panel can be used to change stitch types and adjust their length and width. The up and down buttons increase and decrease the stitch length, whereas the right and left buttons adjust the width of the stitch. Thanks to these buttons users can customize stitch design, length, and width as per the client’s requirement.

Automatic Needle Threader

Passing the thin thread through the narrow hole of the needle is not easy for everyone. It is more challenging for older people. Singer 7258 offers a solution with an automatic needle threader. So no more squinting and aiming to pass the thread through the needle head.

Stitch Setting Feasibility

The top of the Singer stylist 7258 has a rotatory button known as a tension dial. Due to its strategic position, it is always within the reach of users and offers superior control. The tension is essentially the pressure applied to the thread. With the settings constantly in reach, users can modify it instantly on different parts of fabrics while stitching. The knob has numbers on it, and the user can adjust the stitch setting by rotating the tension dial.

Functional LED Light

Sewing is a risky task especially when users have compromised eyesight. In order to keep the fabric, steady users have to adjust the area adjacent to the needle constantly. While it helps in stitching it also puts users at higher risks of accidents. Fortunately, Singer sewing machine 7258 comes with a LED light near the needle assembly. The LED light assists in creating good designs by lighting up the fabric under process.

Transparent Bobby Case Cover

Have you ever experienced irritability when the thread in the bobby case ends right before you complete the stitch? If yes, singer stylist 7258 is your final choice. The transparent bobby case cover allows you to keep observing the amount of thread. It saves you from the nuisance of refilling the thread in the bobbin at the last moment

AutoPilot Stitching

Being a computerized machine, Singer 7258 employs modern technology. It brings solutions that make sewing and quilting a comfortable experience for everyone. Instead of using a paddle, users can easily stitch on this machine by using the AutoPilot option. To use this option simply unplug or remove the paddle and navigate the machine by pressing the start/stop button present on the front of the machine.


The advanced sewing machine comes with a paddler option to make the sewing journey comfortable. You can connect the paddler with the machine and use it to stitch the fabric. While autopilot can make things convenient, some argue that it takes the fun out of sewing. Well! With singer 7258 you get both options.

Accessories of Singer Stylist 7258

With Singer 7258, you get all the accessories you need to get started in sewing. So, there is no need to roam around the markets to find compatible sewing boots before you start enjoying your sewing journey. You can store additional accessories in a small storage chamber beneath the stitching area

The accessories include a satin stitch foot, zipper foot, blind hem foot, overcasting foot, gathering foot, straight stitch foot, buttonhole foot, darning, and hand embroidery foot. You also get a small screwdriver that is quite useful for repairing small repairs.

Here is a detailed video explaining all the features and amazing things you can do with Singer Stylist 7258 Machine.

Distinctive Features of Singer Stylist 7258 – What Makes It Stand Out

Distinctive Features of Singer Stylist 7258

100 Stitches Option

The machine gives an exciting option of choosing a stitch design from 100 different options. They range from basic stitches to stitches used in embroidery, overlock, and much more. With such a high number of options, creativity is never held back. Users can explore different options to bring uniqueness and distinctiveness to the designs.

Reverse Stitch Option

Singer 7258 also offers a reverse stitch option. This feature is helpful in creating a design pattern on the piece of cloth without having to remove and reattach the fabric. The machine starts stitching in anti-direction as you press the reverse stitch button present under the printed logo on the machine.

Automatic Bobbin Winding Clutch

The machine comes with an automatic bobbin winding clutch and a separate spindle present on the top of the machine. This feature saves time and energy to fill the bobbin with the thread of your desired color. The assembly is very easy to use and anyone can learn it by following the guide in the instruction manual.

Speed Control

The sewing machine also gives an option to control the speed of stitching. This can be done by simply sliding the button and you can go from slow to fast. This option is very effective for beginners or newbies as they can set the stitching speed as per their convenience. Whether you select a low or high speed for stitching, the performance and quality of the stitch remain unchanged.

Performance Over Wide Variety of Fabrics

Singer sewing machine 7258 stitches a variety of delicate and thick fabrics. It comes with a special boot for sewing silk and chiffon-type delicate fabrics. It runs smoothly on cotton, denim, and some other thicker materials. You can also stitch bedsheets and design cushions but you can not use them on jute or other thicker materials.

Limitations (Cons) Of Singer Stylist 7258

Like any other machine, singer stylist 7258 has its limitations. Let us also consider some of these points before making the final choice.

  • Price: Singer 7258 is a bit pricey as compared with the sewing machines from other companies.
  • Storage Compartment: The storage compartment of this machine is very small and can not store any accessories used while stitching. The product could have bigger storage space.
  • The Pedal Cord: The cord that connects the machine and pedal is too short. It hardly reaches the floor under the table where we keep the machine.

Singer 7258 vs 6180 Comparison – Should You Upgrade?

7258 replaces 6180 in Singer’s lineup of sewing machines and offers significant improvements and added features. While the 6180 was partially computerized, 7258 is fully computerized which makes it even better for beginners. Built-in stitches in 7258 are also higher than that in 6180. The 7258 also comes packaged with a lot more accessories than the 6180. Furthermore, the latest model also offers buttonholes styles and drop-in bobbins which were not available in its predecessor.

Besides these, both machines have pretty much similar features. Now it is up to you to decide whether these features make Singer 7258 worth the upgrade. That said if you are looking for a new machine, 7258 does stand out as a better option.


This Singer stylist 7258 review comes with all the necessary features you expect from a good styling sewing machine. Looking at the details and automatic functions of singer stylist 7258, we can say it is one of the smartest sewing machines on the market. It offers a variety of smart stitching options that makes it easy to stitch and design the fabrics. All things considered, it is one of the best sewing machines to choose from.

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