Types of Sewing Machines - A Comprehensive Guide

Types of Sewing Machines – A Comprehensive Guide

If you are thinking of buying a sewing machine, you need to know the types of sewing machines. And choosing the best category of the sewing machine will make your job easier. Also, there are two categories of sewing machines, which further include their types. So the domestic sewing machines are ideal for home use. Besides that, the industrial sewing machines are for doing complex tasks.

There are several kinds of sewing machines that we’ll discuss in detail here. However, after reading the guide, you will know the types of sewing machines and their function.

No doubt, when we know about the functioning of every sewing machine, it becomes easy for us to sew. And the new models of sewing machines have innovative features. So let’s get to know more about the different types of sewing machines.

Types Of Sewing Machines – Industrial And Domestic

We have tried our level best to help you understand different sewing machine types and each machine serves different purposes. If you are looking to purchase your first sewing machine this article will help you to make an informed decision that matches your requirements. 

Home Or Domestic Sewing Machines

First, we will discuss the home or domestic sewing machines. This category of the machine is ideal for the housewives. Also, the household sewing machine is simple to use. And you will be able to do all the tasks of sewing with the house sewing machines. Different sewing machines have different stitching options.

Other than that, these machines are not able to do heavy sewing tasks. And the domestic sewing machines have plastic gears only. Also, this type of machine is slower than the industrial sewing machine. And you should buy a domestic sewing machine only if you have to work on lightweight fabrics.

Also, you won’t be able to work more than five hours with the domestic sewing machine. Plus, the domestic sewing machine takes more time to cool down. And they get heat up earlier than then industrial-grade sewing machine. Besides that, there are several types of domestic sewing machines that we will discuss below.

Consequently, the domestic sewing machine will make you sew more perfectly than by hand. Also, you can learn new techniques to stitch the fabric. The domestic sewing machine should be in every house. And with the help of the home sewing machine, you can alter the clothes.

More than that, the latest sewing machines have better features than the old one. Also, you will have several categories of household sewing machines to choose from. Consequently, the sewing machines make the work more comfortable and less time-taking. Also, you will be able to do embroidery on cotton and silk fabric. Below we have five domestic sewing machines.

Mechanical Sewing Machines

The first type of sewing machine that we’ll discuss is the mechanical one. And this sewing machine type has various other names as well. The manual, treadle, tailoring, and domestic sewing machine are all the mechanical sewing machines. However, this sewing machine is known as manual sewing because you have to set the settings according to your need. Also, the manual/ mechanical sewing machine is ideal for beginner sewers. Plus, this sewing machine has accessible functions that anyone can easily master.

Moreover, the parts of the mechanical sewing machine are not expensive. And you can afford the parts of the manual sewing machine. Besides, the mechanical sewing machine is the cheapest among all other domestic sewing machines. Plus, this machine has pressing feet, adjustable features, bobbins, and a single stitching option. Other than that, the modern manual machines have stitching patterns in them.

More than that, the mechanical sewing machine will do the tasks of lightweight fabric. And you cannot stitch the jeans material with the manual machine. Unfortunately, the sewing machine has one problem of threading the needle all the time.

Mostly, all the manual sewing machines have an aluminum body, and you can have durable construction as well. Also, you will have the aluminum casting. Plus, the domestic sewing machine hasa new electric motor.

Other than that, the new sewing machines have an LED screen that allows you to look at the different patterns. Also, manual sewing machines are the easiest to use. And you can easily learn to stitch with the sewing machine. Also, the price of manual types of sewing machinesis the lowest. And you can buy a manual machine as low as 2500. But some of the famous brands have better quality manual machines of 15000.

Computerized Sewing Machines

Next, we have the computerized sewing machines that have the highest technology. And you can connect the sewing machine with a laptop or computer to import the new designs. Also, you will have several built-in patterns and designs in the computerized sewing machines.

Other than that, the computerized sewing machines have a space for SD cards, and you can save the stitching design on that card to follow that while stitching. Also, you can connect the computerized sewing machine to the internet and load the designs according to space in the machine.

Moreover, these machines have a large size. And they need more tools as well. Plus, you need other tools as well. The spool of the sewing machine should have several colors. And you can try several crafting projects with this sewing machine. This machine is quicker than the manual sewing machine. Also, you will have a heavy-duty sewing machine that can handle complex tasks.

You can accomplish several patterns with the computerized sewing machine. Also, you will have an autopilot mode that allows you to control the speed as well. Plus, the sewing machine can make several stitches in one minute. The price of the computerized sewing machine lies between 25,000 to 100,000 in India.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to sewing machines.

  • The computerized machines are ideal for making the patterns. Also, you can fulfill the industrial tasks with this machine. And you can try new crafting skills with this machine.
  • Heavy-duty machines that you can use on several kinds of garments.
  • You can import a new design from the computer as well.
  • It has a chip/ card that allows you to load new designs in them.
  • This sewing machine is expensive
  • You might need a teacher to guide you about this machine
  • And you have to see several tutorials to operate this machine
  • Sometimes you will face the connection issues
  • Errors can occur

Electrical Sewing Machines

The next type of sewing machine that we have is the electrical sewing machine. This electric sewing machine has better and advanced features than the mechanical and domestic sewing machine. Also, it has a mixture of features that other sewing machines have as well. So if you want a sewing machine that will do multiple tasks and handle several kinds of garments, then the electrical sewing machine is the best buy.

More About This Industrial Sewing Machine

This electrical sewing machine is ideal for decorating home items, including furniture. Also, you can try crafting skills with the electrical sewing machine. This sewing machine will offer several features, but the beginners should not buy this machine. It is the ideal machine for professional sewers. Also, you will have an LCD screen to choose the designs.

Moreover, this sewing machine has 7 stitches and embroidering designs as well. Also, you will have a threader, buttonhole, quilting, and several other things with it. Plus, this sewing machine has twin needle option, and you will have an adjustable presser foot with it. Also, you will have a tripping bobbin with it.

On the other side, this machine has an option to use electricity or the battery. Also, you can work with a heavy-duty machine easily and sew several kinds of materials. Generally, this machine is preferable to work with electricity because it consumes more power to work.

Also, this machine is expensive than the other types of sewing machines. But the other parts of this machine aren’t expensive. Also, you can repair the parts of this machine conveniently. It is the best type of machine for those people who need to sew daily. But if you are a hobbyist sewer, then don’t buy this kind of sewing machine. Usually, the tailors have this sewing machine. And the price of the electrical sewing machine will vary from one brand to another. Lastly, the price of these buying types of sewing machineswill vary from 6000 to 25000 in India.

Serger Or Overlock Sewing Machines

The serger sewing machine is ideal for those people who need automatic functions to sew and cut. Also, the overlocking machines have special cutters inside them. Plus, the cutters of serger sewing machines will conveniently stitch the garments, and you don’t need to hassle to cut the edges.

Moreover, the serger machines are famous in America. Also, you will have an option to buy a serger machine without a cutter. It is one of the fastest types of sewing machines that will work up to 9000 rpm. And this sewing machine is also bought for the industries.

Other than that, the sewing machines have 2 to 9 threads. And you will get several needles to stitch a garment. But you have to buy a standard sewing machine with this one as this sewing machine will not work as a regular or manual sewing machine. And the serger sewing machine is also known as an overedging sewing machine. There are some types of overlocking sewing machine.

What Are The 7 Types Of Serger Sewing Machines

The serger/ overlocking sewing machines have 7 types that we will deliberate below.

Lock Stich Sewing Machine

The serger sewing machine has two types of stitches. Also, you will have two threads of options. One of the threads will be on the top, and the other will be below. And the lock stitch sewing machine will combine both threads and stitch the fabric together.

More than that, there is a spindle on the machine. Also, you will have a tension appliance that will be formed when the spindle will spin. Plus, the thread of spool runs around the lock stitch needle. Besides that, the lock stitch machine has a case in which the bobbin is kept.

Over Edge Sewing Machine

Another kind of serger sewing machine is the overedge sewing machine. Also, you will be able to stitch the corners of the fabric with the overedge sewing machine. Some of the machines have cutters inside them. And you don’t need to cut the edges of the fabric with the cutting edge sewing machine. Plus, you will have an over edge fast sewing machine that will run up to 9000 RPM.

Other than that, the over-edge sewing machine has nine threads in it. And you can make a different design of stitching with it, but this sewing machine has fewer functions than other sewing machines. And you can have 2 to 9 thread options with this sewing machine.

Embroidery Sewing Machine

The next serger machine type is the embroidery sewing machine. And this type of machine is the best option for those people who need to do embroidery on different garments. Also, you can make the zig-zag pattern with this sewing machine. Plus, the zig-zag pattern is known as the free motion embroidery

The embroidery sewing machines have the computerized functioning in them. And you will have the LCD screen, a chip, automatic threading option, and there are several inbuilt patterns in the embroidery buying sewing machines. Also, you can import the designs from the computer.

Button Holler Sewing Machine

With the buttonhole machine, you can make holes in the garment. Also, the buttonhole machine is ideal for the sewers who need to attach buttons often. Also, you need to buy a new kind of machine because the buttonhole option is not available in the old machines. Other than that, buying sewing machinesthat have the locking stitch open can make a buttonhole as well.

Button Attaching Sewing Machine

The button attaching sewing machine can help you to stitch the buttons. Plus, the button sewing machine will have a chain with it as well. And you can simply attach the button with it. It is easy to use, and you can easily attach a button with it.

Bar Tracking Machine

Next, we have the bar tracking sewing machine, and this machine will fix the torn areas of the cloth. Also, you can stitch the belt loops, edges, and pockets with this sewing machine. However, the bar tracking sewing machine will make the stitches and increase the length as well.

Double-Needle Sewing Machine

The double needing sewing machine has more than one needle and bobbin. Also, you will have two rows to stitch the fabric. And there is some distance in the sewing rows. Usually, the sewing machines have two parallel stitches. Also, you can have an adjustable needle bar with a double sewing machine. And this machine is ideal for decorating several kinds of fabrics.

Portable Or Handheld Sewing Machines

The portable sewing machines are the latest invention. And this kind of sewing machine is ideal for small and emergency stitching tasks. And this machine is also called a handheld sewing machine. Besides, the portable sewing machine has several names, such as a stapler machine. It looks like a stapler.

However, this sewing machine is not large, and you can carry it in a bag anywhere. Also, you can take the stapler machine while going on the tour. Plus, you will be able to sew the fabrics in less time. Besides, the handheld sewing machine is ideal for sewing the fabrics, including cotton, silk, and other soft fabrics. So if you don’t have the space to keep a bulky machine, then a stapler machine is ideal to have. Also, these machines are much costly.

Consequently, the portable/ handheld sewing machine is very convenient to use and store. Also, it has lightweight so the user can handle handily. This machine will make your trouble-free and rescue in the emergency. Other than that, the designers buy the stapler sewing machines to obtain assistance. Also, you can have it in the home for altering any small projects.

Moreover, the machine is small in size, but it will work like a regular sewing machine. And the good news? This machine doesn’t require electricity or any other kind of battery. Plus, you will be able to remove the hassle of the heavy sewing machine. This machine has equal importance as the quilting sewing machine. And you will find the portable sewing machine more handful than a regular sewing machine. Plus, this machine is convenient to keep in the car or at the office to sew the wear and tear of pants.

Industrial Sewing Machines

The other category of the sewing machine is the industrial sewing machine. And this category is ideal for factory work. Also, you will be able to stitch the cuffs and sew other complex tasks with an industrial sewing machine.

Usually, the industrial sewing machines are bought for conquering professional jobs. Also, you will have a more powerful motor.

Other than that, you can buy an industrial-grade machine for stitching the waist of the jeans. Also, the industrial-grade sewing machine has a much better and durable construction. And all the external and internal parts of the industrial sewing machine have aluminum casting. Also, you will have better housing and rods of the industrial sewing machine.

More than that, the industrial sewing machine hasa bigger size than the household sewing machine. So if you are a professional sewer, then buy an industrial-grade sewing machine. Also, you can save time while sewing with an industrial-grade sewing machine. Besides that, the industrial sewing machine is much expensive than the domestic ones.There are four industrial-grade types of sewing machines. And the type of sewing machine varies according to the arm. Also, the needle size will vary.

But the industrial machine is expensive because they offer better features than the household machines. However, the sewing machines of industrial-grade are compatible with several brands. And the overlock machine has the same type of motor as the straight sewing machine. Besides, industrial machines have two kinds of motor.

Let’s now discuss the types of motors that industrial-grade sewing machine has.

Servo Motor Machine

This type of motor is noisy. But the servo motor machine will consume less electricity than the clutch motor machine.

Clutch Motor Machine

The clutch motor machine will consume more electricity. And it consumes more power because it doesn’t stop running even when you are using it.

What Are The Different Types Of Industrial Sewing Machines?

There are four types of industrial sewing machines.

  • Off arm sewing machine
  • Post bed sewing machine
  • Cylinder bed sewing machine
  • Flatbed sewing machine

All the industrial sewing machines have different features and prices in the market.

Flatbed Sewing Machine

Everyone knows about the traditional sewing machine, and a flatbed sewing machine is similar to that. Also, this type of sewing machine has an arm similar to the traditional sewing machine. Plus, you will have the needle on the flat surface. And this flatbed sewing machine is ideal for those people who need to sew the flat fabrics. This type of sewing machine is used for stitching the sleeve. And you can decorate the garments with the flatbed sewing machine.

Cylinder Bed Sewing Machine

Next, the cylinder bed sewing machine is entirely different from the flatbed sewing machine. And you will have a narrower path. Also, the fabric of the sewing machine has a horizontal pole. Besides, the cylinder bed sewing machine has a 5 -16cm diameter. And this cylinder sewing machine is ideal for stitching the cuffs. Moreover, some of the users who use the cylinder sewing machine are used for stitching the shoes.

Post Bed Sewing Machine

Post bed sewing machine is opposite of the cylinder bed sewing machine. And this machine has vertical pol that will rise above the machine. Also, the height of the vertical area is 10-45 cm. Other than that, the sewing. And the post bed sewing machine has bobbins as well as loppers. Usually, these types of sewing machines are bought for sewing the boots and gloves.

Off The Arm Sewing Machine

Lastly, the types of industrial sewing machines have a popular type, and that is the off arm sewing machine. And this sewing machine is rarely bought by the sewers. Also, it has a horizontal area to work on. And the off arm sewing machine is ideal for stitching the shoulders as well as sleeves. This machine is ideal for stitching the sleeves and arms. Also, you will have an arm-like shape on the machine that makes the machine easy to use.

These were the four industrial sewing machines.

What Is The Difference Between An Industrial Sewing Machine And A Normal One?

Industrial sewing machines are ideal for big projects. And you can work on any type of fabric. Also, you will be working for more hours with the industrial sewing machine. So if you need to work for several hours, then consider an industrial sewing machine. Besides that, normal sewing machines are only for small projects. And you can use the normal/ domestic sewing machine for a few hours only. And the industrial sewing machines are more durable than the regular sewing machines. Plus, the industrial machine has superior quality and parts.

To Conclude – Which Machine Is Suitable For You?

Now that you know all the types of sewing machines of industrial and household use. Your decision will be clear and precise. Usually, we do not check the features of the sewing machine, but you need to know every feature about a machine to work at ease. Considering the brand of the sewing machine is not the only important, but then it should have all the specs that you need. Also, you need to distinguish what type of work is compatible with that machine.

Other than that, the industrial sewing machines are ideal for those people who need to do complex tasks. Besides that, the household sewing machines are best for beginners and hobbyists. You will find several different household sewing machines with different features. Also, the price of sewing machines varies from each other and depend on the features that it will provide you.

On top of that, you must have a machine that is providing several options, and modern machines are much convenient to use. But the decision to choose the type of sewing machine is up to you and your work. So make the best investment by knowing every detail of the sewing machine.

You can buy an industrial sewing machine for off arm sewing, post bed sewing, cylinder sewing, and flatbed sewing. Besides that, the domestic sewing machine cannot match the features of the industrial sewing machine.

Finally, a sewing machine with more features will enhance your sewing skills. And the industrial sewing machine will give a professional look to your designed clothing. Thank you for construing our all-inclusive guide on the types of sewing machines. Good Luck!

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