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What is Canvas Fabric – All You Need To Know

Right from shoes to bags and art, canvas material is the most demanded material, popular in the modern world. You must have heard about the strength and durability of canvas but what is the thing that gives it such rigidity and longevity? What actually is canvas, how it’s made, and its versatile uses!! All of these are discussed in the following mentioned article.

The necessary detail and information, advantages and disadvantages, and everything related to canvas material, you want to know is mentioned below. Ensure to pay attention to every piece of information given in the following details, as it provides you with everything you want to know about canvas and its particulars.

Everything You Need To Know About Canvas Fabric

The following details will tell you about what is canvas material, its construction process, its uses, its basic types, its pros and cons, and everything you need to know. All of these particulars are explained step by step. Keep your interest intact until the end, so you don’t have to search any further for the details, related to canvas fabric.

What Exactly Is Canvas Material?

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A plain-woven fabric made with the use of cotton or linen, that is renowned for being versatile, rigid, durable, and sturdy enough to resist water and other environmental impacts. This material is popular for providing an amazing and outstanding base for painting purposes too. The construction with the use of tightly woven construction material makes it more stiff, durable, and rigid to withstand extreme surrounding impacts, without affecting its performance.

How To Make Canvas Fabric?

Making canvas fabric is not tough but needs attention and care. Because it is a plain-woven fabric that consists of a simple pattern of construction, involving only the right angles. The construction of the canvas fabric involves fewer and thicker threads, to make it strengthened, rigid and tough. Because canvas is a hard and thick material, for its construction, most manufacturers generally go for rougher parts of linen, hemp, and cotton.

After the collection of the construction material, the weaving of the canvas involves the weft threads that are alternatively joined together under and over warp threads. Moreover, there may be a case, when the canvas material, during its construction process, has closer weaving than others. In such a scenario, always make sure that the resulting canvas fabric is opaque.

Then comes the finishing procedure. If the canvas fabric you have constructed is for industrial purposes, it will be top-layered with additional PVC material. Alternatively, if it is constructed for domestic or painting purposes, the fabric made will be bleached first and then will be covered with the layer of gesso. One thing that should be kept in mind is that, if the canvas fabric you have made is going to be used for printing purposes, then before applying gesso, you have to stretch it within a wooden frame.

What Is Canvas Fabric Use For?

There are 9 basic uses of canvas fabric that make it more in demand and popular in the market.

  1. The construction of the boat sails is done with the use of canvas material.
  2. It is greatly used in camping accessories such as tents, because of their heavy-duty, rigid, and strong construction.
  3. Because of being durable and water-resistant, canvas fabric is great for the construction of bags, no matter what type and for which purpose you need the one.
  4. Canvas fabric is mainly used for the construction of professional shoes such as sports sneakers, and tennis shoes.
  5. It also provides a great base for painting purposes.
  6. Canvas fabric can also be used for backdrops by professional photographers because of being lightweight and portable.
  7. They can also be used for coverings on doorways and boats.
  8. You can also make outdoor gear and external wear such as jackets from this canvas fabric.
  9. Some of the upholstery furniture also consists of canvas in its construction.

Types Of Canvas Fabric

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Canvas fabric is the most versatile and multifunctional fabric that is used for various important needs. That is why there exist multiple types of canvas fabric. These are duck, organic, drop cloth, waxed, polyester, needlepoint, waste, sail, dressmaking, and marine grade. All of these are different in features and specifications from each other.

Duck Vs. Canvas

Canvas fabric comes in two basic forms: duck canvas and plain canvas. Where duck canvas is made with heavy-duty, rigid, and very strong cotton fabric. It is more reliable when it comes to sturdiness and powerfulness. Although both of them are plain-woven fabrics, still there are differences between these two basic forms.


Duck canvas is more tightly packed through weaving, as compared to basic plain canvas.

Weight Classification System

You will notice that the duck canvas comes with a scale representing a grade of weight from 1 to 12. Where 1 represents the heaviest fabric and 12 represents the lightest canvas fabric.

Construction Material

Duck canvas is made only with the use of cotton construction material. Alternatively, the plain canvas is constructed with the use of other construction materials, in addition to cotton.

Pros and Cons of Canvas

Canvas fabric has its advantages and disadvantages. The following description will tell you about the pros and cons of the canvas fabric. Make sure to understand both of them because while making the selection of products, constructed with canvas fabric, you will be able to select the best possible one.

Advantages of Canvas Fabric

  • Canvas fabric is popular for being tough and rigid.
  • It is durable and is strong in construction, making it possible for you to use it for a longer time, without affecting its functioning.
  • Because of being waterproof, the canvas fabric is greatly used for the construction of bags.
  • It is windproof too.
  • Canvas fabric is a UV protective fabric, providing you with the reason to use it in hot summers.
  • It is great for making tents and camping accessories.
  • Canvas fabric is reliable when it comes to power and strength.

Disadvantages of Canvas Fabric

  • Canvas fabric is slightly more expensive than other fabrics.
  • Because of being rough, it can be slightly scratching on the skin.
  • This material is not breathable at all.
  • It at times becomes difficult to manage.

How To Sew Canvas

Stitching canvas and sewing it is not tough when you have an appropriate sewing machine with you. Because it is tightly packed and heavy, it needs an adequately sized needle for its stitching. Moreover, the 90 to 100 size universal needle is ideal for the sewing of the canvas.

This is because of course you don’t want to put yourself in the hassle of changing the needles again and again, as the regular needle cannot work properly with canvas. Furthermore, if you are planning to sew canvas regularly, you need to have a professional sewing machine with you, to make it less complicated and quick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Canvas Fabric

Can you make clothes from canvas fabric?

Yes, you can make clothes from canvas fabric, there is no restriction. They are strong and sturdy enough to hold the shape of skirts, jackets, and pants. They are hard and soft both at a time, making them reliable for the construction of the fabrics.

What is canvas cloth used for?

Because of being exceptionally durable and long-lasting, this canvas fabric can reliably be used for the construction of boat sails, and camping accessories such as tents, bags, and shoes. Moreover, they are also used for providing a base for painting purposes and a backdrop for photographers. Further, canvas fabric is reliable for the construction of outdoor and wearable jackets, pants, and skirts.

Can canvas fabric be washed?

Yes, it can be washed. Use hot water to clean canvas fabric thoroughly and make sure you are taking the specific and only the recommended detergents, for its cleaning. Furthermore, if your canvas is very messy and dirty, you can go with the addition of one tablespoon of bleach to the washing mixture and then wash the canvas.

Final Thoughts

Canvas fabric is a great fabric that is highly versatile and most demanded in today’s world. It is renowned for being durable, rigid, strong, and highly reliable. Because of its versatility, it can be used for various purposes, such as for the construction of tents, bags, shoes, and painting bases. They can also be used for making outdoor gears and coverings on doorways and boats.

Although there are many advantages of canvas fabric, there are some disadvantages too. This is comparatively expensive, difficult to manage, and slightly rough on the skin. Above mentioned article tells you about all the details related to canvas fabric; its construction, types, uses, pros and cons. Do not miss any part as you may miss any important information.

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